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#3 Color Ball Chains with Connector - 24 Inch Length
Product Code: 3COLOR24IN

#3 = 3/32" or 2.4mm ball diameter. Epoxy coating over steel base. These chains are 24 inches long (including a connector attached to one end). Select Color and Quantity from the Drop-down menu. Pricing is based upon the quantity selected in the drop-down menu (the total price for each quantity is listed in parentheses).


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Enamel/Epoxy Finish Guidelines
These are the guidelines that should be observed in order to enjoy enameled beaded chain and maintain its luster as a jewelry article.

* Extended wear and prolonged exposure to some materials may have an adverse affect on the enameling.
* It is important to remember that the enamel coating can be cracked or scratched with abusive measures.
* As a decorative element in jewelry, enameled beaded chain is designed to withstand normal wear. It is not designed, however, to withstand around the clock wear for an extended period of time, nor is it designed to be worn while bathing.
* Repeated exposure to soapy water, seawater, some tanning preparations and some lacquer-based hair sprays will eventually undermine the enamel. A day at the beach with the salt water, tanning oil and sand would not be good for this product.
* Constant wear also increases the chances of scraping, running the risk of damaging the finish.
* In rare instances, extreme skin pH values (alkaline or acidic) can impact the enamel.

#3 Color Ball Chains with Connector - 24 Inch Length
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