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These are the standard Ball Chain Connectors. Made by BCM since 1938. They are the only ball chain connector with USA stamped into the top. These connectors are used for ball chain necklaces, dog tag chains and more. Typically used to join ends of ball chain together for key chains, ID chains, loops, and more. Also acts as a connecting link to splice links of chain. See Type 'B' Couplings for larger chain sizes. Ball Chain Connector diagram that show how the connector looks and how it connects a piece of ball or bead chain as a clasp.  Used with ball chain necklaces, dog tag necklaces, dog tag chains and more.
 #1 (used with #1 & #2 chain)
 #3 (used with #3 chain, can also be used with #1 & #2 chain)
3/8" 1/8"
 #6 (used with #6 chain)
29/64" 11/64"
 #8 (used with #8 chain)
15/32" 13/64"
'B' Couplings can also be used as connectors (for chain size #10 and larger, only 'B' couplings are available)