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Ceiling Fan Chains (3 Foot)

Ceiling fan pull chains made by ball chain manufacturing. This image show the different finishes our pull chains come in: black coated, antique brown, stainless steel, yellow brass, mystic red, nickel plated brass, medieval brass, dungeon finish, copper, and white coated.

Our ceiling fan pull chains and light fixture pull chains are manufactured using our #6 size ball chain. We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of ball chain pull chains in the world. These chains are three feet long with a ball chain connector attached at one end and come in a variety of finishes to fit almost any application and color scheme. They are also used as ceiling fan chain extenders. Our pull chains are utilized in ceiling fans and light fixtures around the world. The #6 size ball chain has a diameter of 1/8" or 3.2mm. Our pull chains are all manufactured at our factory in the USA and are the same ones we supply to many of our corporate ceiling fan customers around the world.